Oh Suiiii,

Creative Laborer
& Artist.


About me.

Using my love for art and a knack for trying new things, I create work that makes people think and pushes boundaries. My goal? To take projects to places they've never been before. But I never forget to ask 'why' and 'how'. My strengths lie in commercial creativity, where I provide inventive solutions for commercial brands, and in the infusion of art into everyday life, where I unearth and ignite the mundane's creative potential, transforming it into art.

Growing up as an only child, I spent a lot of time on my own, exploring and looking for hidden treasures. My childhood was a mix of Shanghai's bustling lane houses, old color TVs, loud pop music, and the colorful world of TVB & manga. These memories sparked my love for colors and shaped my imagination, turning it into a psychedelic ship sailing into the unknown.

Hope you enjoy this ride with me.   
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