Oh Suiiii,

Creative Laborer
& Artist.


I dedicated this series to the year when the world began to fall apart. In 2020, the Covid pandemic broke out globally, swirling with political crises. The crying from afar was knocking on our doors. Thus, I started this healing practice by collecting and breaking up the contents of several news reports, then stitching these snippets of ordinary people's lives together to reassemble each artwork into a new story. These seemingly unrelated events are merged to form this new riff of a turbulent year.

This zine is based on news the mainstream media reported during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Chinese calendar, each zine page can be easily torn off and framed as an individual artwork, making it a unique and versatile collection.

Q: Are these artworks paintings?
A: Indeed, they are digitally illustrated in Procreate.

Q: Could you explain the process?
A: During those two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, I made it a daily routine to scour the internet for news and stories that directly impacted everyday people's lives in these challenging times. These stories served as the inspiration for my art project titled 'Not a Calendar.' To begin my creative process, I carefully selected and collaged the stories that resonated with me the most. By merging these narratives together, I aimed to create a new and unique storyline for my artworks. Using Procreate, I translated this new topic into visual form. 

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