Oh Suiiii,

Creative Laborer
& Artist.


Uniqlo CN

UQBJ Global Flagship Store

- Creative
- Art Direction

There are many First in this project for Uniqlo China.

First time to open a global flagship store with all local teams. First time to open a global store during covid. First time working with Chinese artists. And this is the first experience store in Uniqlo, China.

Uniqlo Beijing Sanlitun is a store more than a store, and it’s the landmark that whoever goes to Beijing or Sanlitun will visit. So this is a challenging task for us to reopen this store.

The concept of this store is Brilliant Meets Brilliant. China is a country moving forward in its most dynamic way. Beijing, as the capital, carries a lot. It’s the culture and political center, and it’s a portal that shows the world what authentic and modern China is. Uniqlo has been in China for more than ten years, and this is excellent timing for Uniqlo’s brilliant tech and design to connect with the best of China.

So for this store, we connect with many local talents to bring authentic Chinese art & culture back to this store. Let this Uniqlo store become the beacon of Uniqlo China.

I was working on this project since the day I joined. And eventually helped them to wrap the whole project as freelancer art director after three and a half year.

My role involve the concept for the store, the flagship store launch campaign and local artist collaboration.

And I’m proudly to launch the first ever China UT with the local artist “老树”, also created a gift collection around this UT project.

Meanwhile invite the local textile artist to use Uniqlo’s knit fabric to create iconic Uniqlo mannequin.