Oh Suiiii,

Creative Laborer
& Artist.


Tiffany Keys 2015

- Art Direction
- UX/UI Design

The goal was to bring more profound and emotional meaning to being a new-generation Chinese woman.
We stepped into the minds of these women to help enable Tiffany to celebrate them by using Tiffany Keys to represent strength and unlocking the possibilities of life.

In 2015, we featured the empowering stories of supermodel Liu Wen and legendary director Sylvia Zhang. As the Art Director and Visual Designer, I worked with the Tiffany China team to create a fully immersive interactive online experience.

We wanted to take the audience one step further into the worlds of these two women by inviting them to explore a series of personal belongings by browsing through the tabletops where these personal belongings were placed, each of which represented a significant moment in their lives.

Experience it: