Oh Suiiii,

Creative Laborer
& Artist.


As the season of spring arrives, I am always captivated by the magic of trees as they awaken and rejuvenate. However, despite their enchanting beauty, these trees often remain strangers to us, and their names, families, and stories go unknown. Throughout history, many brilliant minds have studied, documented, and celebrated these magnificent trees. In honor of their wonder, I have created an art collection that pays tribute to Singapore's remarkable natural environment. Moreover, through my artwork, I aim to document my encounters with these seemingly "alien" trees that I come across every day and everywhere, while also capturing the moments of my life.

Q: Are these artworks paintings?
A: Indeed, they are digitally crafted paintings.

Q: Could you explain the process?
A: It begins by gathering photos for each specific location. These images are then fed into an AI program, which generates color charts that represent the location. Using these color charts as a guide, the painting is then meticulously created in digital software like Photoshop or Procreate.

Q: Why do all your artworks adopt this blurry style?
A: My creations are not meant to be exact representations of reality, but rather they capture my personal emotions at a particular moment. The blurry aesthetic is an invitation for viewers to peer into my inner world, experiencing my perception of that transient reality.

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