Oh Suiiii,

Creative Laborer
& Artist.


Beats by Dre

China Special Headphone

- Art Direction
- Illustration
- Packaging Design

The task was to design a set of headphones for Beats by Dre, which could represent contemporary Chinese youth, a.k.a. the post 90’s generation.

An often-coveted consumer cohort, they are a generation with lots of labels. Some call them lazy and selfish; others say they are lost and confused.

However, nobody can deny that these individuals are independent, they do what they want, say what they feel, see, and listen to what they want whenever they want to.

As Art Director, designer, and illustrator, I chose two visual elements central to the design:

  1. Chinese Porcelain
  2. Americana Tattoos

The mix of east and west, classical and vulgar that creates an identity that has never been seen.

After in-depth studies into ‘their’ lifestyles, I sketched a series of illustrations. “I speak in code for all to hear,” represents Chinese slang and a new vernacular created by post-90’s youth.

“My voice may not be loud, but my words reach millions” is a representation of today’s youth and how they have a louder voice than ever through the explosion in digital and social communication.