Oh Suiiii,

Creative Laborer
& Artist.


Uniqlo CN


- Creative
- Art Direction

The seasonal lookbook is an important marketing assets for Uniqlo China. It helps to launch the overall vibe of the brand of the up coming season.

I have been working on this for three years for UnIqlo CN. Working with two of the top celebraities in China - Nini & Jing Boran.


For 2019SS, by using quintessentially Spring & Summer colors to contrast with our new collection, and bring out the feeling of fun and freshness. By simplifying the background treatment, we achieved a starker complement to the models' silhouette and their clothes.

We aimed to mimic natural outdoor lighting & shade, which added to the overall touch of vibrancy and sunniness.

Photographer: Zeng Wu


For 19FW, UNIQLO GHQ’s styling is inspired by Mid-Century Modern Design and its design principle, “Form Follows Function.”

Visual concept:  Lines

A line is the most fundamental of all the elements of design. It is the starting point from which all new forms begin. It plays a vital role in both aesthetics and function.

I want to use the language of lines to convey a sense of environment, either through physical structures or creating a sense of space within our compositions. Imagine using authentic environment structures like windows, doors, curtains, and walls to help create a setting that can complement our styled looks and give a sense of aesthetic with function.

Photographer: Jumbo Tsui


In 2020,  we explore the textures from an array China cities to find inspiration. When you live in the city, you can see and feel the different textures of that city.

Visual concept:  The Urban Texture

For the 20SS season, we want to focus on city textures created by light. We want to use light and shadow to capture the surface and indicate the livable city's environment.

Photographer: Jody Rogac


For the Uniqlo 20FW China Seasonal Look Book, we used a series of portraits that feature our ambassadors in a natural environment, showcasing LifeWear across different life occasions.

Visual concept: What Would You Wear for Tomorrow?

We asked our celebrities - Jing Boran & Nini - serious questions about their personal life, interests, and understanding of clothes' role in life. Based on their answers, we tailored the shooting setting to revivification their life. Let them be themselves in this home-like environment.

Photographer: Zhuang Yan


For 21SS, UNIQLO GHQ’s styling concept kept the three categories: Outdoor&Sports, Work&Craft, Art&Design. But this year, they were inspired mainly by slower, more authentic, local, and connecting experiences. The new way of living reflects the post-covid lifestyle.

Visual concept: New Way of Living

The meaningful experiences can be different across the globe. We want to find out that in this post COVID era, what would be the authentic and connecting experiences for China. We will shoot a series of portraits capturing our ambassadors in different experiences. They will be wearing the 21SS LifeWear product.

Photographer: Jia Rui