Oh Suiiii,

Creative Laborer
& Artist.



- Art Direction
- Design

Typeself was born from the idea of turning people’s stories and their words into portraits. We took the original typography from the traditional typewriter to close the gap between today and the disposable age.

The making of Typeself involved tearing up, decoding, and hacking five typewriters to lead the words to deconstruction. As the designer of this project, I explored their different system fonts by scanning and dividing the characters to pick one as our original font model.

Then, the technician programmed these individual elements to allow the machine to automatically type the characters, using them as the brushstrokes to create the unique combinations that form the portraits.

In more than 300 hours, we witnessed how the complexity and the simplicity of our words and their characters form our images. Typeself has been a philosophical journey that makes us realize that maybe after all, in this compacted world, we are all just dimple characters being put together.