Oh Suiiii,

Creative Laborer
& Artist.



Sales Campaign

- Creative
- Art Direction

Givenchy China is launching a celebrity campaign with a gaming concept during the Double 11 period. The brief is to come up with an idea for the 11.11 sale campaign, not just to follow the concept of gaming also can keep stimulating and enhance the shopping fever during the Double11.

So following the primary campaign, we planned to let our consumers play a shopping game. The game is in-build on the Givenchy T-mall page. There will be three phases; in each phase, we design different games for consumers to engage.

KV uses the metallic black chrome as the platform to deliver the SI-FI vibe, with the 8-bit style graphic elements to design the gaming interface that can echo the gaming theme. We also added this red ambiance to bring out the festival vibe during the Double 11. All feature products are arranged in a highly systematic way. And the graphic elements were also adapted based on the massage for different phases.